Commissioned for the Museum of Object Research exhibition, Neither Use Nor Ornament (NUNO) at OVADA, Oxford. This project was a combination of walking, making and photography.


...kruse made an object of no use, using fine sock yarn and 3mm needles, knitting every mile that lies between self and the other neurodivergent NUNO artists. An inch of knitting equalled 1 mile with 488 miles separating the artists. The central 6 stitches represent the artists, looping together in a cable pattern.

Visually, the object pays homage to the the white road, the long track, the paths that countless generations of humans have walked cross the earth and are still walking as they flee the effects of climate change and war. It attempts to visually express both the labour required to function socially as a neurodivergent person and the feeling of separation from others; an inner solitude which can be both comforting and painful.

Alongside the knitted object several long distance walks were undertaken in the spirit of pilgrimage, relocating self in the landscape, artistically and personally. As a final act, ...kruse walked the 58 miles from home to OVADA in Oxford, carrying the completed object to the exhibition venue.

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the white road

black and white landscape photograph with a pale straight road disappearing into the centre distance. The road is bordered with high hedges.