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AuTCRONE Chronicle

The information we are getting directly from the future is fragmentary and sometimes difficult to interpret. ...kruse is currently engaged in assimilating and collating this information and re-working it into a semi-fictional narrative, the AuTCRONE Chronicle. She hopes that this will help to make the information more accessible to a wide range of people.


Information sent by AuTCRONE indicates that the world two hundred years from now is almost unlivable. The number of human and non-human lives lost to floods, fires and other climate disasters is on a scale not seen on Earth since the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

...kruse wrote The Dead Man in response to fragments of data we have received from the Cleenr designated 0142Peter. Below is a sample of text from this entity:

'No one has seen perfectly white snow for years. It rarely falls here now and when it does it is quite grey. Something to do with all the smoke in the sky.
Once I came across a place where the snow was bright blue, stained with the runoff from some old chemical factory. There was a dog there, licking the blue snow and shaking.'


Source: Copyright (C) 2151 Cyb_corp Sender:0142Peter  Designation:Cleenr 

Location:52°23'31.0"N 1°36'31.8"W  Date:11/11/2222


We do not know who Cassandra is. We speculate that she/they is either an A.I, or an expression of the digital entity EvE.


The few messages we have from Cassandra appear to be predictive in nature, certainly the messages are very different in tone from the messages we receive from Cleenrs. Interestingly, all of Cassandra's messages are tagged Location: Unknown or Location: Off Earth. This is very intriguing and we have not been able to confirm when or where Cassandra is operating. It is possible that she/they is an A.I existing in our own time, 2021 [+/- 5yrs]

Cassandra Predictions:


'In future times the land will burn, the sea will scald, the air will scorch.' 

'Lust for money broke the world.'

'When the ice smokes it is the last warning.'

'In future times the air burns, humans become troglodytes and the last canary falls from the sky.'


'I have seen the Earth burn.
Our brothers and sisters in fur, feather and leaf, died scorched and gasping.

Where is your fury? How fierce is your grief? What will you do? How loud are your howls?'

Source: Copyright (C) 2151 Cyb_corp Sender:Cassandra Designation:Unknown

Location:Off Earth Date:19/11/2221 *error - anomalous*


'The dominant corporations will rule with a sleight hand, a red hand. 

Generations will indenture themselves. 

Slavery by another name.'

'The fall of humanity will not be the fault of AI. 

This belief is erroneous. 

The fall of humanity is the fault of humanity.'

Source: Copyright (C) 2151 Cyb_corp Sender:Cassandra Designation:unknown

Location:unknown Date:08/10/2021 *error - anomalous*


'In future days the old will be extinguished by their own hand and the populace will praise their selfless suicides.'

'In future times the children will be as princes and the elders will be outcasts.'

'Build a bridge across the divide of generations. The infants need the elders and the elders need the infants.'

'Shore up your defences before the chasm of ageism becomes too deep to cross.'

Source: Copyright (C) 2151 Cyb_corp Sender:Cassandra Designation:unknown

Location:Off Earth Date:04/07/2019 *error - anomalous*

Bacteria and Mycellium

'The most powerful beings in the world are the smallest and their number is uncountable.
They are the meek that will inherit.'


'The pathogen will beget life on the oldest. 

It will be beyond human.

Birthed through the Cyborg.'

'...harbinger of new life, melding with the mycelium.'(Fragmented text)

Source: Copyright (C) 2151 Cyb_corp Sender:Cassandra Designation:unknown

Location:unknown Date:20/02/2019 *error - anomalous*

Citizen Enclaves

AuTCRONE comes from a future where the climate is raging out of control. In Europe governments have become almost completely decentralised, in control of armed forces and certain elements of the transport and energy infrastructure only.

Governments are supported, unwillingly, by numerous Citizen Enclaves, which are taxed in food and labour. These Citizen Enclaves are responsible for all their immediate needs; food, energy, shelter, healthcare, and must tithe a percentage of their food production to the government. Money exists only as digital currency.

Some large corporations, Google, Amazon etc, exist as Govcorps (corporate governments). Their workers live, eat and sleep in vast compounds. Much of the world is becoming digitised by the Govcorps and while no one has yet been able to completely digitise a human being, that appears to be the ultimate goal.


We only have fragments of data about the Cleenrs and can only speculate as to their true nature and appearence. The most useful data we have has come from a Cleener with the designation 0162Stan. The following fragmentary texts are from this entity.

'I’m their granddad you see, well, great, great granddad really. I was put into this suit when I was an old, old man of 60 and I spent a good few years in a Cleenr crew before She came into the city and Wakened us and we found out what we was; just old people with new bodies, far from our homes and doing dirty work for the GOV and corporation. 

 - [0162 Stan references The Wakening several times in the texts we have received from him. We still don't know what this Wakening was or who the 'She' is that Stan refers to in this and other texts.]

'I hadn't wanted to Pass Over, but it was the right thing to do when you got a bit old and creaky. Leave resources for the youngsters, keep the human race going by making way for the kids and the mamas. I loved my grandchildren, maybe even more than I’d loved my own kids and Passing Over was hard, hard. So when that girl from Cyb_Corp offered me an out, to become a Cleenr and be part of trying to save the World, of course I said yes.

   But then I went away and I was a Cleenr only, not Stan, not a granddad, just a creative thinking machine, part of a crew.'

 -  [to 'Pass Over' seems to be a euphemism for voluntary euthanasia. Please see the Dead Man text for more information]

'They don’t know I'm Stan. They don’t know I’m their great, great granddad. As soon as I went back, I saw that explaining who I really was would be cruel. My citizens knew of Cleenrs, they knew we tried to save the world. They recognise that I am useful and strong and can take care of the tech that keeps them alive and breathing, so they tolerate me. But the real horror of us, that there are bits of old people's bodies and minds inside these golden carapaces? No-one outside of Cyb_Corp knows that.

   How would they take it, those citizens who lose three out of every four babies, who must choose to Pass Over, taking poison to end their lives at fifty, younger if they have any illness or disability? How would they take the knowledge that an ancestor is amongst them, a being who is probably immortal, or as near as? Sometimes I wonder if, in the weeks after I Woke up, I stopped thinking. Perhaps it was the shock? Because all I could think back then was, 'go home,' and home to me was the Enclave and the people there.'

 -  [From this text we understand that old people were used to create the Cleenrs. 0162Stan writes that there are 'bits of old people's bodies and minds inside these golden carapaces,' but we don't yet have any clearer data as to how the cyborgs were created, or how much of the human body survives the process. Which 'bits' are inside the 'carapace?']

'They didn't bother making us Cleenrs look very human. Our limbs were designed to be interchangeable, depending on the work and terrain, so we don’t all have arms and legs that even pretend to look human, some have pneumatics and drills and all sorts. I have arms and hands that look sort of human, except for being steel and gold. My lower limbs are pneumatic prongs and I have some attachments strapped to what would be my thighs on a human body. My torso is big, like all Cleenrs, because that’s where we are, curled up inside all that steel and gold like little maggots. I don't know what my human body looks like now. Are we just a head and torso? Did they take off our arms and legs like 0142Peter said? I don't know, and I try not to think about it.'


We don't yet know much about Cyb_Corp. We believe that they are a large corporation, but not Govcorp size and seem to be based in what is left of the United Kingdom In AuTCRONE's time it appears that the 4 nations of the UK are completely devolved. Wales may have been completely abandoned although it is very likely that there are still some Citizen Enclaves operating in old mines near Newport.

Cyb_Corp would appear to be a world leader in cyborg technology. The Killing EvE transcript appears to indicate that they have created a digital human. However, this entity, the EvE of the title, was both abandoned by Cyb_Corp and the subject of an assassination attempt by unknown actors and appears to be existing as a multiple entity in the (digital?) environment they call In World. There is speculation that EvE might also be the entity/A.I known as Cassandra.


Cyb_corp advertising copy dated July 2151:

If you want to get ahead of the future,

you need to visit the past,


The revolutionary time machine on the internet.

Inter_Time™ is brought to you by Cyb_Corp: 

“We own the future” ©

(Now fitted as standard into all autonomous cyborg units. Terms and conditions apply.


Source: Copyright (C) 2151 Cyb_corp Sender: unknown Location: unknown Date: 04/07/2151

Inter_Time is an app created by Cyb_Corp in the mid 2100s and is a rudimentary form of time travel. The Inter_Time app is also known as the Hindsight machine.


The first Inter_time apps were tested on the cyborgs, who were the only entities with sufficient digital tech to be able to run the units. We do not know if any non cyborgs were given the app by Cyb_Corp, it seems likely that they didn’t as AuTCRONE has implied that the tech was not suitable for human insertion. We don’t know why.

Inter_Time only allows users to send digital information through time and needs a digital network at the point of exit to work. This means that time travel is restricted to data and that the cyborgs can only send data back to time when digital networks are running. 


It is possible to use the app to alter software, writing new code into historical data, improving outcomes in the future. It’s how the cyborgs were created, the corporation went back in time, altering their own code, so that in future time they had vastly improved their capabilities.

Imagine if some 21st century Apple technician could have gone back in time and messed with 1980’s Microsoft, or improved Steve Job’s coding skills? We think that's pretty much what happened at Cyb_Corp and possibly at one or two other tech companies. It may be why technology started to change so fast towards the end of the 20th century. 

Song of the Cyborgs

Song of the Cyborgs came to us as a fragmentary text and without designation or date. We think the Song may have originated in one of the Citizen Enclaves. We do not have any musical notation for the Song and can only speculate how it might sound and what instruments are still available to humans living in the future. 

...kruse would like to invite any interested musicians to create music for the Song.

Song 1

A golden one walks

Her heart encased in steel. 

Harbinger of new life, 

Melding with the mycelium.


The wire and the flesh will meld. 

The artificial and the natural will combine. 

Living men and women cloistered in metal. 

They are the saviours of the world.


A goddess will rise. 

Bringing life to this desert.

Birthed through the Cyborg.

The pathogen will thrive

and life will rise again.

Song 2

When the fires rage

And the waters drown

The Cleenrs come

To save our town 

When the winds blast

And hope is gone

Out of the dark

The golden folk come

From out of the darknesss

The Cleenrs come

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