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Black Hole Club

 Black Hole Club is a Birmingham-based artist development programme hosted by Vivid Projects. ...kruse was a member all through the strange year that was 2020. 

...kruse's divergent neurology can make communication with non divergent people challenging.

Communicating with a new, unknown cohort at BHC, online and during a global pandemic, gave rise to some interesting and sometimes isolating experiences which ...kruse used to develop the narrative/game Gurus of the Apocalypse and the poem, cant which was published in Black Hole Club's online Mayday Reader.

Artist's Newsletter (a-n) marked it's 40th anniversary in 20/21 with a series of guest edited publications. Black Hole Club edited the first in this series, All We Ever Wanted. Inspired by all things 1980s the magazine explored themes of activism, digital arts practice, and accessibility.  …kruse's contribution, Way Back When used the languages of code and hypertext to explore the developing histories of media and digital arts from 1980 to the present. 

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