born in Northampton

lives & works in the UK


...is a neurodivergent, experimental artist and writer who is constantly scrutinising, evaluating and transfiguring [her]self. This mutable identity, informed both by [its} experience as an autistic person and the recognition that [they] are not a singular entity* is why ...kruse also identifies as a cyborg, a being that is both human and [other]. 

 *The entity defined as human exists in a complex, interdependent relationship with the entire cosmos. Science proves what indigenous religious philosophies have asserted for millennia, that humans are merely part of the web of life, neither above or below but existing in mutuality with all beings."
..kruse 2020

2005 BA (Hons) Fine Art, 1st
York St Johns University, York

Residencies and Awards

2020 Arts Council DYCP award

2019 Fellowship, BOM, Birmingham
2018 DRAWN, Arts Council funded R&D
2018 Artist Residency BOM, Birmingham
2018 Artist Residency, Hogchester Arts, Dorset
2005 Principle's Prize for Cultural Entrepreneurship, York St John, York

Talks and teaching
2019 Curator, Making Art at the End of The World Symposium, BOM, Birmingham
2018 Workshop leader, Walk A Line, BOM, Birmingham
2018 Workshop leader, Origami Drawing Devices, Width of Circle, Stourbridge
2014 Speaker, Beyond the Book Symposium, Exeter, England
2012 Speaker, Collaboration and the Democracy of Bookarts, MMU
2005 Visiting Artist, Japanese Universities Collective, Hiroshima, Japan


2019 Ambit, Neither Use Nor Ornament, OVADA, Oxford 2019

Conversations with Weather, art.earth, Dartington 

2018 Solstice, Width of Circle, Stourbridge

2017 United We Stand, Shape Arts Open, London 

2015 Weather Paintings, Shape Arts, Westfield Gallery, London  

2013 Love and Mother Love, Shape Arts Open, London