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un_being for Meadow Arts 'All Alone' exhibition

un_being was a collection of micro fictions and visuals available to view online, via the un_being website.

For a period of seven days ...kruse undertook a silent retreat at Fishpools valley on the Croft Castle estate to experience what it means to be All Alone, the title of the Meadow Arts exhibition the work was commissioned for. 

During the retreat ...kruse attempted to connect with and write the stories of the ancient ghosts and non-human beings that people the valley.


The texts existed for a limited time in cyberspace before being deleted, the voices of the voiceless that ...kruse uncovered returning to the emptiness from where they came. Back into the ultimate loneliness of un_being.




link to Meadow Arts All Alone exhibition page

_kruse-UN_BEING-Meadow Arts-Croft Castle-All Alone exhibion-23-07-21-Stefan images-100_edi

The grotto in Fishpools Valley dressed for un-being.

_kruse-UN_BEING-Meadow Arts-Croft Castle-All Alone exhibion-23-07-21-Stefan images-94_edit

Visitors to Fishpools valley could take a 'key' from this dish in the grotto which had the website URL engraved on it.

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