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...kruse and Philip Goundrey collaboration. Exhibited at Coventry Biennial 2021 

Cyb_corp billboard exhibited in Coventry October 2021

This billboard is a copy of an  advertising campaign run by Cyb_corp probably around 2147 (+/- 10 years)

The advert copy is original, the design and image are graphic artist Philip Goundrey's interpretation. (At the time of it's creation in 2021 no visual data had been successfully recovered from Inter_time.)  

Posters exhibited at Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry for the 2021 Coventry Biennial.  Digital print.

These posters were designed by ...kruse and Philip Goundrey using images from photographs they took around Coventry in 2021.

Text is from data sent through Inter-time by the Cleenr/cyborg AuTCRONE.

cy_fi - Vessel From A Burnt World - wood, bark, thermal prints, stickers, acrylic paint, glue.

Exhibited at The Old Grammar School, Coventry for 2021 Coventry Biennial.

The Vessel, made by ...kruse, contained 900 folded, thermal printed texts for visitors to take.  

Numbered from 1 to 10 this series of fragmentary texts were sent by the Cleenrs AuTCRONE, 0162Stan, 0142Peter, and an entity called Cassandra through Inter_time.

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