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Drawn was an Arts Council England funded R&D exploring autistic & neurodivergent responses to landscape and environment using digital/smartphone technology, exploring the emotional and physical experience of moving through landscape.

Digital technologist, Ben Neal, built an app which gathered movement data recorded via smartphone and output the data as digital drawings. ...kruse used the app to record numerous everyday and ritualised movements. ​

...kruse gathered movement data using low-tech walking apparatus and the digital app. Digital and lo-tech devices were further tested in workshops with neurodivergent & neurotypical participants. ...kruse was commissioned to make bespoke drawing devices for disabled participants on a SENSE charity walk.

This R&D project lead to further research exploring isolation and neurodiverse experience of landscape during a 3 month solitary walk in isolated rural & coastal environments. ​

sound drawing1
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Sound Drawing 1 was created for SENSE

Inspired by the drawings made by SENSE walk participants, ...kruse captured

sounds in nature and used these  to create an aural drawing.

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