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...kruse is a proudly autistic artist and writer.

In recent years she has been working on a multidisciplinary, speculative fiction project, which explores how climate change may affect human and more-than-human communities. In conceptual collaboration with AuTCRONE, a semi-fictional cyborg from the future, themes including temporality, transhumanism and biophilia emerge. 


...kruse is an 'I' but also a 'we;' she/they is/are made of multitudes. They are her inner family of gut bacteria, fungi and viruses who all need ...kruse's body to survive on. She experiences herself as a sentient ego and accepts this may possibly be a delusion/illusion. They are inescapably, irrevocably connected to all other beings on Earth. 

The three dots represent the unseen beings who reside on and in ...kruse's human form.

...kruse identifies as a cyborg, a being that is human and other. As a neurodivergent entity they are intrinsically different to the norm. Her name celebrates that. 

When reading the name ...kruse, there is the very slightest inward moment of silence as the reader's eye takes in the three dots. ...kruse  offers you this tiny moment of silence as a gift.

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