drawing gaia

This project focused on drawing as a method for exposing and recording otherwise unseen movement traces left by natural phenomena and the movement of bodies in landscape.

Straddling a line between scientific enquiry and conceptual practice, the project attempted to capture intangible, elusive and time-bound phenomena using self-built lo-tech drawing devices.


The interest was in what we cannot see; not the object itself but the unseen traces an object leaves as it exits in space and time. Drawings were made of elusive phenomena; a meadow breeze, movement of tree branches, smoke rising from a candle. 

...kruse undertook two residencies at Hogchester Arts and BOM, researching alternative approaches for making drawings, removing the direct influence of the artist’s hand and instead engaging with the landscape and flora using various methods and devices, expressing the mathematics of motion (and by implication, being) through marks on the page.

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Wind drawing (detail)

ink (brush pen) on paper