A golden one walks

Her heart encased in steel. 

Harbinger of new life, 

Melding with the mycelium.

She will bring life to the desert.

(from Song of the Cyborgs)

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...kruse is a visual artist, writer and neurodiversity advocate based in Birmingham whose practice includes drawing, writing, storytelling and autoethnographical research.


...kruse undertakes long distance walks or pilgrimages, gathering data and stories generated through walking to explore the relationship with the Earth. She is interested in the connections between landscape, mythmaking, magic and science.

She is currently working on a multidisciplinary, speculative fiction project examining the  effects of climate disaster on human and non-human communities. 

...kruse has exhibited and participated in projects across the West Midlands, Oxford, London, Manchester and Hida Takayama, Japan. Recent commissions include a text published to mark Artists Newsletter's (a-n) 40th anniversary, published in December 2020 in collaboration with Black Hole Club, and a New Art West Midlands, Engine Micro Bursary, to write a response to the Covid lockdown titled How To Be A Hermit.


…kruse is a current artist fellow at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) and is active in supporting their neurodivergent programme.