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Mentoring and Creative Support

Creative mentoring for neurodivergent artists & creative practitioners

Supporting neurodivergent professionals to aim high
and create sustainable, enjoyable careers in the arts.

I am an artist with over ten years experience in the arts including exhibiting, curating, invigilating, fundraising and teaching. I'm also neurodivergent and have experienced many of the common challenges facing

neurodivergent artists.

I can help you identify and reach your creative goals.  I will encourage you and offer practical support if needed. 

As your mentor my job is to listen, encourage and support.

Interested? Got questions?

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Service Name

'It's such a breath of fresh air working with ...kruse. As we are both neurodivergent she just gets me and has been providing effective & friendly guidance throughout my research and development project.'

Gaia Redgrave - artist

Service Name

"You are an amazing mentor, I love working with you!"

Alabama13 - artist

Service Name

'...kruse's mentoring is enabling and inspiring: she is able to bring structure to my thoughts and ideas and unearth my confidence to move forward with clarity'

Rachel Henaghan - artist

Service Name

"Yipeee, you've got Top Gun and the X Factor when you've got ...kruse on board"

Booker T - photographer

Service Name

"You have been so instrumental to getting me to the stage of even considering ACE Funding let alone applying!! You've been an amazing mentor!"

Alison - artist

Service Name



Why have a mentor?

I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to forge a career in the arts and that it can be doubly hard if you are a neurodivergent person dealing with the extra challenges that our brains bring us. 


My own mentor was amazing, he helped me find my self confidence as an artist and challenged me to reach for bigger goals. Since then I have been fortunate to have more mentoring at different stages in my art career, including support to gain funding which helped me to take the leap into working full-time as an artist.


A mentor is like your cheerleader, encouraging you, wanting the best for you as well as offering practical advice.


All my mentors have helped me aim higher and be more positively ambitious about my practice. The best of them have seen my potential and encouraged me to try things I would never have imagined possible and I want to do that for other people.

I am committed to a personal practice of lifelong learning and I will continue to seek out the expertise and support of other mentors so that I will be a better mentor myself. After all, we all do better when we support each other.


What it costs:

1 hour session online via Zoom or Facetime : £28  

1/2 hour online session : £15

If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact form below.

I look forward to meeting you.

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