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Robert Greene, a saturnalian, man-shaped Beast, drifts onto the stage, he moves as if he is on invisible castors.


Robert: “Always Say Less Than Necessary” he whispers


Tim; looking up from the floor, “Segregate the Midlands!”


In the distance voices can be heard shouting slogans, “Wages for housework!” “Art strike!” “Making the shifts!”  “May Day!”


Tony Robbins runs onto the stage looking bronzed and fit. He jogs in place, sweat flying from his face and landing with loud splats on Tim ‘Wetherspoons’ Martin.

sweaty tony.jpeg

Tony, pointing towards the distant protesters: “Those people need to maximise their potential!”


Robert, lazily: “What They Need Is An Ambience Factory.”

Tim: “Alternate forms of organisation!”

Tony: “The emergence of new laws!”


Robert: “The Creation Of Fear And Self Isolation!”


Tony: “An anarchist's guide to surviving COVID19!”


Tim, hysterically: “Turn off the internet and segregate the Midlands!”


The stage goes black.

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